The small number of students in each class gives the teacher the possibility to observe and learn about each child in depth. It also helps them to deal efficiently and straight away with any learning or other difficulty which may occure.

The children familiarize themselves straight away with this way of cooperation between school and family life and understand the need to take on responsibility for themselves as students.

They learn to recap over all they experience at school and judging by their experiences, they make decisions on the right way to communicate, to relate and learn. They evaluate the lesson, and when they are tested, they have the potential to self-correct their written tests knowing that tests are mainly a way of self-knowledge with which they can:

  • See what they do or do not know
  • See which tasks they managed or didn’t manage to complete
  • See if they are capable of completing a task quickly or if they need more time to do so
  • See if they really did complete the task (evaluate themselves to see if the test was hard or easy and explain why)

The grade before and after the self-evaluation is extremely important for the growth of the self-awareness of the student, and a worthy tool for the teacher.

Each test gives a basis for discussion and redefining the teaching methods.


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