The original desire behind the creation of our school was to cover the need for the existence of a “small family oriented school”. From the point of view of the facilities, that result was achieved and offers an intimate environment for the student. Younger children tend to feel intimidated in a larger area. With us, even from the first day, they familiarize themselves with the facilities, feel safe with where they are situated, and what is all around them, they don’t get “lost” in body or mind. This ensures that the transition from home to school is completed calmly and successfully.

With the same criteria that were used for the choice of facilities, we implemented the decision to accept a small number of students in keeping with the size of the school. One class per grade, 12-14 children per class class (total number of children in the school from 120-160 at the most) combining to completely create a feeling of familiarity in a controlled environment, thus quickly developing true strong bonds between the students, and the students with their teachers. Younger and older alike are presented with the chance to really get to know each other, thus achieving one of our most basic goals, in seeing the smiles, cooperation, mutual help, support for one another and respect prevailing.

It is worth noting that although we keep the number of our students to a minimum, the same doesn’t apply for the teaching team. In the kindergarten and the first class of Primary school we decided to place two teachers in each class. In this way, the children get special attention in relation to the learning side of the equation, and the teachers quickly discover each child characteristics as well as their personal learning pace, adjusting their teaching methods likewise, resulting in children full of confidence in all they do. To stand tall and to feel strong and capable are the first goals we aim to achieve in order to ensure sturdy foundations to start their learning journey and to keep the in good stead for the rest of their lives.

These key points in our schooling methods result in positive self-worth, diversity, trust, handling one’s own mistakes, critical thinking, imagination, team spirit, responsibility, emotional maturity, multifaceted growth, motivated learning and personalization.

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