Our school, from the Kindergarten up until the High School utilizes the same philosophy, in relation to the classes operation so that each student feels comfortable with the freedom to organize and move forward at his own learning pace.

A cozy corner has been created in each classroom an area with settees where children and teachers start their day with morning discussion time. Each member of the group may bring up any subject he wishes to share with the others, from the previous days teachings, or news from the weekend. This way, the lesson begins orally and then progresses to the desks, the playground (the open air classroom) etc.

Each student has his own locker to keep their personal belongings in (books, diary, pencil case, water bottle, tooth brush etc.)

The lessons in the classrooms are taught on an interactive whiteboard.

Children and teachers alike, alongside the staff responsible, take care of all the areas of the school, as they think of the school, as they think of the school as their second home.