Lets eat

The school has its own kitchen and chef who prepares fresh food daily for the children. We are particular about the cleanliness and hygiene of the dining hall and kitchen, and the preparation of the food. The menu is chosen in consultation with a dietician, and in agreement with the children’s preferences. The menu for the following week’s meals is sent to the parents every Thursday.

Our school’s students eat every day in the dining hall. A mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.

The students eat with their teachers. In this way enabling them to communicate more freely, joke and chat on a more intimate basis.

While the children are eating in the dining hall, the Head Mistress will often make announcements and they will discuss matters of the daily undertakings of the school with her, thus cultivating collectivity and decision making qualities, and the feeling of uniqueness for each member of the school community.

Also, awards are given in the dining hall to students, teachers or classes who have achieved the goals set in class or by the school itself.


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