Homework & Students

An important part of our school’s philosophy is that the students learn to play, to rest and to enjoy their parents company at home, children and parents free from the stress and worry that sometimes results from the pressure of having to do homework.

Homework isn’t given on a daily basis and exercises aren’t always the same for all the students in the class. It is usually given when there is a need for a student to be motivated, or to share with his family knowledge and skill acquired at school.

The students don’t all share the same experiences, knowledge, skills, motives, or the same daily family programme, so each student is given personalized tasks,  taking into account all of the above.

Homework always…

  • Can be completed by the student without help in 5-10 ‘
  • Is differentiated
  • Does not refer to fragmented or dry knowledge (e.g. To copy a verb table or learn dictation)
  • Is not from national curriculum books or photocopies.
  • Gives extra knowledge and motivation to learn
  • Integrated for the next day

Tasks are usually given…

  • In foreign languages
  • In lessons that require projects (e.g. History, Literature)
  • In self-organization or emotional awareness

Taking into account the needs of the modern family, our educational programme helps by allowing more free time in the afternoon.

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