The central focal point of our schools’ educational programme is the diary. An A4 exercise book represents the special personal book of each student with tasks in all lessons. Here the student:

  • Writes the most important points of the lesson
  • Evaluates what he has learned
  • Draws and explains issues that affect himself or his team (and how they affect him personally)
  • Prepares his own tasks based on the criteria given to him by his teacher (mainly during the lesson self-organization)
  • Learns dictation, correcting his spelling mistakes every day (the teacher underlines them and the student corrects them)


The teacher:

  • Sticks in photos in relation to the lesson so that the student can share his experiences with his parents
  • Sends messages to the parents about the student tasks


The parent:

  • Together with the student looks over what the student has been taught at school.
  • Is able to write a note to the teachers enabling the child to share his experiences personally or with the group, experiences which happened at home.


Never a day goes by without something being written in every child’s diary in relation to his or her day at school.

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