International School from the European Philosophy of Schools in Piraeus, Greece

Our school (European Philosophy of Schools) takes immense pride in offering an internationally recognized education program, the Cambridge International AS & A Levels.


With a commitment to fostering academic excellence and global citizenship, our institution prepares students for success in the modern, interconnected world. 


At the International School of European Philosophy of Schools, students follow a detailed curriculum taught in English, based on Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A level certifications.


It is aimed mainly at students, aged 14 to 18, whose main goal is admission to Universities abroad.


Cambridge IGCSE is one of the most popular international qualifications in the world for 14 to 16-year-olds. It cultivates skills in creative thinking, research and problem-solving, providing students with excellent preparation for their further studies.


For students aged 16 to 18, Cambridge International AS & A Levels develop in-depth knowledge, conceptual understanding and high-level thinking – skills that universities highly value.


Admissions officers at International Universities rate Cambridge programs very highly, as:

  • Cambridge’s qualifications provide students with excellent preparation for university.
  • Cambridge’s students think independently.
    Cambridge’s students have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Cambridge’s students present reasoned explanations, understand implications and communicate them logically and clearly.
  • Cambridge’s students can communicate effectively, carry out research and apply their knowledge in the real world.

Cambridge’s degrees are accepted at more than 2,100 institutions in 195 countries, including leading universities in the US, the UK, and elsewhere.



Our International School

At our international school, we create an inclusive and multicultural learning environment that embraces diversity.
We welcome students from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries, fostering an enriching educational experience.
Our dedicated faculty, with their expertise and passion, create an atmosphere conducive to intellectual growth, personal development, and cross-cultural understanding.

Cambridge International AS & A Levels

The Cambridge International AS & A Levels are renowned qualifications that equip students with the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities necessary for higher education and future careers.
Developed and administered by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). These qualifications are recognized by leading universities worldwide.
flexible curriculum

Flexibility and Breadth

The Cambridge International AS & A Levels provide students with a flexible curriculum that caters to their individual strengths, interests, and career aspirations.

Students can choose from a wide range of subjects, allowing them to explore various academic disciplines in-depth.

This breadth of choice enables learners to develop a well-rounded educational foundation and make informed decisions about their future paths.


For more information, we will be happy to serve you: 
14 Spirou Lamprou st, GR18537, Piraeus, Greece 

Rigorous and Engaging

The curriculum is designed to be academically rigorous, challenging students to think critically, analyze information, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

The emphasis is on conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and the development of independent research and study skills.

Through active participation in discussions, practical experiments, and project-based learning, students engage deeply with the subject matter, enhancing their understanding and fostering a passion for learning.


Global Recognition

Cambridge International AS & A Levels are globally recognized qualifications, opening doors to universities and career opportunities worldwide.

Their reputation for academic rigour ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of higher education.

Additionally, the qualifications are benchmarked to international standards, providing a reliable measure of student performance and facilitating fair comparisons among learners from different educational systems.

Supportive Learning Environment

Our school recognizes that each student has unique needs and aspirations.

Therefore, we offer a supportive learning environment that nurtures individual talents and encourages personal growth.

Our teachers are experienced in guiding students through the Cambridge International AS & A Levels, providing ongoing support, personalized attention, and constructive feedback.

We strive to create a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where students feel empowered to explore, question, and take ownership of their learning journey.


Our international school, with its focus on the Cambridge International AS & A Levels, offers students a transformative educational experience.

By providing a broad and rigorous curriculum, fostering critical thinking skills, and nurturing a supportive learning environment, we prepare our students to become well-rounded global citizens.

The Cambridge International AS & A Levels open doors to a world of opportunities, empowering students to pursue higher education and excel in their chosen fields. At our school, we are committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in an ever-evolving world.

For more information, we will be happy to serve you: 
14 Spirou Lamprou st, GR18537, Piraeus, Greece 

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